Elizabeth Warren is redoubling her bid for the job of convincing people that Joe Biden didn't rape a woman, by asking President Trump to start calling her Pocahontas again, as the search for a Democratic VP pick narrows down to a Woman Of Colour.

Most people, certainly Donald Trump no doubt, know Pocahontas only from the 1995 Disney movie. She was, however and of course, a real Native American woman, born near the end of the 16th century, whose life in a sizeable portion was filled with the horrors of colonialism.

Sen. Warren made headlines back in October of 2018 when, after years of being labelled with the attempted-pejorative Pocahontas as a bullying moniker/racial slur by Pres. Trump, and likely in an attempt to try her hand at some patented Democratic Party woke pandering, Warren released the findings of a DNA test she took to prove her family's old claim that she had Native American heritage. The results however said that the amount of Indigenous DNA she has ranges from around 0.1% to 1.5%. Approximately the same amount of votes she got in the Democratic Primary, and about the same amount of heritage you pick up from your granddaddy just walking by a Native American man three generations ago, and not even saying hello.

The manoeuvre proved largely to be a political disaster for the senator, with Democratic voters thoroughly ashamed at the attempt of identity-vote pandering, and Democratic leaders thoroughly impressed by it. Though there was a portion of meaningful & powerful intent of trying to rightly smack Pres. Trump down from his relentless bullying and using the name as a pejorative, those close to the senator recall she largely regretted the experience. "When the news broke, her cheeks were just so red. From embarrassment though, not from another attempt to pass as Native," said an anonymous former Warren aide. "She'd tried that a different time, and it had failed."

Regardless, the senator has contacted the president in a polite request for him to reactivate the disgraceful slur. Whilst many see the allying as a contentious partnership given that the senator and the president rarely agree on anything, Warren's office reminded the press that the "abuse of Indigenous Peoples is traditionally one of the most embraced acts of bipartisanship in the history of this country. If we can't come together honourably on this in Washington, then on what can we? It's as American as apple pie, or waterboarding."

Trump is rumoured to be receptive to the idea, with the opportunity to abuse both a woman, and POC, and to stretch his intellect with children's TV all rolled into one. Though the depiction of the Pocahontas tail has had various forms over the years, some more and some less appropriate than others, Joe Biden apparently had a strong affinity for the idea, he being an old racist cartoon, himself.

However, the official Biden 2020 campaign was very angry at Sen. Warren for suggesting they would ever adopt a cheap gimmick, instead of offering something real in a time of continued crises, in order to appeal to Native Americans. They don't plan on appealing to them at all. Instead however, they'll be doing all that with black people.

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