SOTU - Man who campaigned on doing absolutely nothing celebrates first year of delivering on election promises

A year since being sworn into office after promising absolutely nothing neither substantive nor hopeful, Joe Biden reflects on a freshman-year achievement few presidents can claim - delivering on the most important, and deeply held promise of his campaign

SOTU - Man who campaigned on doing absolutely nothing celebrates first year of delivering on election promises

Most presidents fail by far to measure up to their campaign rhetoric & promises. And with a nation that, in 2020 as for many years, was suffering from brutal income, racial, social, and environmental injustice, and that's just to start - with the people crying out for hope & just any desperate chance at salvation - coming through on campaign vows was always going to be a tall order. But, in his first State Of The Union address, today, Joe Biden reminded America that over his freshman year in office, he's truly delivered on what he campaigned & promised most firmly on:

"Nothing fundamental will change!"

In a nation facing such desperation, where doing anything would do so much, Joe Biden did everything he could to do so little.

The fundamental campaign promise of Joe Biden was that he would return things to the status quo, that he wouldn't deliver any of those kooky, pie-in-the-sky lefty ideas like 'change', 'societal equality', or 'help'. But instead that he would restore the soul of America.
And with a national work-life-balance summoned from a Buffyverse hell dimension, millions of kids recently falling back into poverty by the Democrats' own capitulating hand, the president straight-up lying about his election-promise plans (such as canceling large amounts of student loan debt) or his ability to solve things going forward (such as saying a centrist, and only a centrist, would be able to break the gridlock of Washington, instead of heightening it to the nth degree), police still murdering innocent suspects, the Democrats getting cucked by Republicans and even the most corporate in their own party (which is saying something), let right and center - he's certainly done just that.

The president arrived at Congress to give the historic address, after finishing a meeting with the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency. In which, they presented him with all their vast, and deadly seizings from the last year's policing, blending into a nice mint-green pulp, and injecting it straight into the president's veins to make sure he was able to keep awake for the entirety of the speech.

Mr Biden of course mentioned the pandemic in citing the breadth of his government's achievements. He credited the fact that businesses are now open & that masks are few and far between, to the resolute, and uniquely American-leadership method they used in handling covid. That method being where you put tape firmly over the suddenly flashing engine-warning lights in your car's dash that pop up whenever the engine makes that weird rattling sound. And promptly sigh a sense of well earned, mission accomplished relief 😌

President Biden of course also addressed the subject of Ukraine. He praised the global solidarity shown on the issue: "The world has united behind one singular view - Russia's campaign of invasion and attempted imperial dominance by a rich and powerful nation, on an innocent people of a growing country, is a travesty. That, unlike Israel occupying Palestine & running an apartheid state system, Suai Arabia & the UAE conducting a genocide in Yemen, and our invasion of Iraq, this one is bad."

"We intend to further boost our aid to Ukraine in numerous ways, as rapidly as possible. With the shelling of their infrastructure, the mass enlisting of much of the adult population, and the horrible casualties they're taking, we will be sending mobile education, hospital, and food dispensary units as soon as we can. Once the American-system schools & US-style medical centers are set up near the front lines, the shootings, major drop in healthcare standards, and the sudden revulsion for chicken nuggets that taste like they're made from insulator foam, should all start pretty swiftly, and the Russians will be forced to retreat, forthwith".

Still, Mr Biden reiterated his urge for adhering to strong leadership, in these trying days. "In these times of crisis, we must defer to strong leadership. And if you look at the negotiations with Sen Manchin in the past year, if anyone knows how to defer to those with strength, it's me."