In a recent tweet, Donald Trump has suggested delaying the 2020 general election in November.

Even calling for it in a suggestive manner, and via such an informal method as a tweet, this is a major escalation - no sitting US president has said of an election that has not yet happened that it is "the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history", and to suggest such a delay.

There is no evidence, nor has there ever been, that mail in voting leads to even a fraction of significant voter fraud, or that voter fraud in general has ever been itself even a fraction of an occurrence. Despite this being a mainline Republican talking point - to enable the suppression of voting - for years.

Fears that Trump would try and interfere with the integrity of the election have been growing for some time, since his poll numbers leading up to the November vote have been disastrous, and members of his team, such as the US Attorney General William Barr, have dropped past hints at such action: the delay, arbitration, or even cancellation of the election.

However, as stated, even in this seemingly informal manner, this is by far the most significant escalation of the potential crisis. It often takes little for a random thought in Trumps head to go from tweet to action.

Fingers crossed it doesn't get that far. This is a breaking story, and we'll keep you posted as events unfold.

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