Blue-Q to announce how anger at Biden $2000 lies is sexist, Russian Bot, racist, GOP-enabling Malarkey

President Biden brings US politics 'back to normal', carrying on that most hallowed of presidential traditions of lying like fuckin crazy to the American people. And the centrist die hards are eager to jump to his defense. Yippee Ki Yay.

Blue-Q to announce how anger at Biden $2000 lies is sexist, Russian Bot, racist, GOP-enabling Malarkey

Blue-Q is to safely reassure that all those who are afraid of their impending financial collapse, due to Joe Biden lying about sending out recurring $2000 covid checks, have absolutely nothing to fear. That's because all their worries are made up sexist, Russian Bot, racist, GOP-enabling, Trump-supporting malarkey, the Blue-Anon twittersphere is to announce.

"What we're seeing here", said one top armchair historian, tweeting expertly and with lots of confidence, from the centre of their now 11-day-straight brunch marathon, "are classic GOP propaganda moves". After telling the waiter to turn down that annoying news report in the background, of some kids somewhere stuck in cages, they continued. "This is just the latest in a long-line of fake GOP talking points, that the nation has been sucked into: Benghazi, Libya, Hillary's emails, needing food to live, your landlord demanding rent, insulin. It's all the same. Disgusting."

"It doesn't surprise me that the Bernie Bros, with their 'we genuinely care about the poor and misfortunate' attitude, are concerned by this. Typical."

All this coming from people on twitter who literally said that an old dude sitting down in the freezing cold, wearing the same coat he wears everywhere, to everything, and a pair of mittens made & gifted to him by a woman, was the epitome of sexism.

Indeed, dismissing such rhetoric as simply being bigoted nonsense espoused by ones political enemies is seen as very destructive, because it distracts from and deters sympathy away from the many ghastly, systemic, bigoted problems minorities of all varieties face daily, in America. Such as, never been given any material aid or means of improvement by ones government, but instead being lied to, and used as shields by political parties against criticism.

Looking for an official response on the matter, a Biden spokesperson released this bold statement: "This bigotry is unacceptable. In the Democratic Party, and under the leadership of President Biden, we are all about equal opportunity in this country - come to America, and everyone gets screwed, chewed up, and lied to equally."