Billionaire enters Democratic Primary 🙄 Threatens entire race going to Trump

Another day in American politics, another billionaire thinking they can and should decide democracy's fate whilst threatening its very existence. Sigh.

Billionaire enters Democratic Primary 🙄 Threatens entire race going to Trump

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, with corporate centrists perhaps just starting to get the hint that there's nothing in this race for them (I.e. Rep. Eric Swalwell today being the first candidate to announce their exit from the Democratic Primary), billionaire Tom Steyer threatens to lose the entire election for Democrats, and jumps into the race, via the Democratic Primary.

Who is Tom Steyer, and why is his entry a problem? Well, he's a billionaire hedge fund manager who has been a long time top Dem donor. He gave over $100 mill in the 2018 election cycle alone, and has poured huge sums into the campaign to impeach Trump.

He's teased political campaign runs of his own in the past, but has never followed through. At the beginning of this year, he pretty much ruled out he'd enter the race, after publicly deliberating on it.

His campaign to impeach Trump has seen him appear in personal ads calling on Congress to get its ass in gear, and do something about the criminal that is Donald Trump.

That's great, but his corporate-funded, establishment supporting, centrist priorities are not.

The Democratic Party, the American people, and the world does NOT need another egotistical billionaire throwing their weight around and trying to capture even more of America's politics than they already do.

In fact of course, Mr Steyer threatens the entire race for Democrats by jumping in. A centrist does NOT stand a good chance of beating Trump - such a candidate would be the worst type to run against someone who, in the minds of many voters at least, represents change.

Within the Dem primary, Mr Steyer could shift media attention even further towards the "centrists and billionaires are awesome and are our best hope" point of view, which would further damage a progressive's chance of winning, and so cripple the likelihood of the Democrats winning at all in 2020.

Now, it could get even worse - what if he doesn't win the primary, but decides to keep going? What if he decides to use his considerable wealth to run in the general election as an independent? Disaster.

Depending on who the Dems nominate, the election with Trump could be close. A Dem-leaning independent really could steal away vital votes from the few centrists around, or at least older MSNBC-watching Dem voters who wouldn't wanna back a Sanders or a Warren. With a Sanders it wouldn't be so close against Trump, but still those nabbed blue doggers could make a difference.

Did I say disaster? I meant epic disaster.

At least he's saying he's running in the primary for now, but with him saying he's prepared to spend $100 mill out of his Forbes reported $1.6 bill wealth, he could do serious damage.

Would rich billionaires, corporations and other special interests, whether well intentioned (very rare) or not, please take their money and get the fuck out of politics.

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