Simpsons Predicts US Politics - Again

After the shocking events last week at the US capitol, that for four years everyone with a brain saw coming, The Simpsons have once again demonstrated their uncanny ability to predict exactly how US politics will be as unfunny and depressing as the show currently is.

Simpsons Predicts US Politics - Again

In an era where politics is as fast-paced, ever-changing, and as completely nauseating as a Focusyn-fuelled monorail ride, The Simpsons has demonstrated its unique ability to predict the future with spooky clarity, again. Last week, in what looked like a deleted sequence from a zombie movie crossed with a Klan meeting, America witnessed the attempted MAGA coup of the US government.

In response, Democrats in the House of Representatives have again voted to impeach Pres. Trump, for his role in frenzying the crowd - a mob whose collective IQ is reported to be in the single digits - and flat out instigating the riot, in order to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden as the winner of the November general election.

In response to the impeaching, Trump took to the only social-platform still left accessible to him, PornHub, to issue a statement explaining his actions: "Coup. Coup for my family."

Mr Trump now becomes the first US president in history to be impeached twice, and the issue now moves to the Senate. The proceedings will be a trial, whereby the elected officials will hear the evidence of the charges, and vote as to whether they think Trump is guilty or not guilty. If convicted, by a 2/3 majority, President Trump will be stripped of power, and removed from office. It is here that The Simpsons have demonstrated their shocking predictive power:

Much like The Simpsons' followers of the show's classic era, Trump's sexless, basement-dwelling fanbase worships his every word, and Republican politicians have long since known that if they are to have a shot at re-election, they must be seen to appease the god-king Trump at every turn.

This, indeed, is not the first time The Simpsons has predicted a major American event, and, in fact, the show and US-politics-in-our-lifetime on the whole are often found to be very similar. With both spectacles starring a buffoonish, lazy, inept cartoonish moron, brought into creation by the Fox Network. And with both starting out as amusing and outrageous at first, before eventually dragging turning into an unfunny, soulless nightmare, so devoid of brains or heart, you're surprised it's made it to this many seasons, instead of being turned-on and rejected harshly by the masses, long ago.

In preparation for the trial, the White House has announced they've hired a Mr Lionel Hutz, AKA Miguel Sanchez, AKA Dr. Nguyen Van Phuoc, as Trump's lead counsel. Comments as to the wisdom of the pick have been made, as Mr Hutz is also known to be a soulless ambulance chaser, a merciless hit-and-run driver, a flat-out conman, and a real estate broker, and thus a far more professional, intelligent, and suited pick than the president's last attorney, Mr Rudy Giuliani.