Q-Anon initiation requires "taking space-laser to the brain", reveals idiot congresswoman

When Trump promised to drain the swamp, he meant so that he could unearth his most grotesque, most moronic of henchmen - the Q-Anon cultists. Now, they've risen from the halls of Fox News' dungeons to the halls of power - and are talking absolute crazy, bigoted bullshit. Because of course they are.

Q-Anon initiation requires "taking space-laser to the brain", reveals idiot congresswoman

Freshman Republican congresswoman and shockingly stupid, ultra-bigot, Rep. Marjory Taylor Greene (R) - GA's 14th, has revealed that "taking multiple hits from a giant Jewish space-laser straight to the brain" is the final step in initiation to the highest levels of the Q-Anon pseudo-cult, of which she is a devout member.

The lasering is likely necessary, says Greene, to modify members' brain cells, so to make them truly compatible in understanding the meaning behind former President Trump's latest thoughts and plans. Since lasers are well-known for vapourising matter, leaving it utterly destroyed and inoperable, that sounds about right.

The congresswoman is a proud patriot & conservative, and became famous for a video she made of her carrying out that most historic & American of traditions - that of being an absolute cunt to minorities. The video in question details her going around the halls of Congress, before she was elected, looking for the Muslim representatives - such as Rep. Ilhan Omar - who swore themselves in on the Quran, in honour of their beliefs, trying to get them to swear in on the Bible.

Which is funny, since, in homage to her beliefs, Rep. Taylor Greene swore in on acid. That, and a pile of Trump/Mussolini/My Pillow Guy erotic fan fics.

A religious woman, she is a leading preacher and human-sacrificer at the Church of Trump, and MTG can often be found in solace in her congressional office, working hard on plans of how Q-Anon is going to overtake Scientology as the craziest, most powerful religious-cult in the USA. All whilst enjoying a lovely drink from the Kool-Aid fountain she had installed in her office, of which she consumes vociferously, and which is piped into the room via the TV in the corner, playing One America News Network, 24/7. However, she also enjoys a cold glass of Diet Coup, and Hydroxychloroquina Colada & getting caught in the rain.

Talking of Diet Coups, MJT was a boisterous supporter of the attempted Jan 6th coup on the United States - a coup spearheaded by Q-Anon supporters. Of the attempted insurrection, a Democratic Party senator had this to say:

"It's outrageous to use, or even bring up the idea, of coups as a means of political change. That's only acceptable when the CIA wants to topple a democratically elected, left-wing government, to benefit our corporate backers. Or, when we need to blame one of our party failings on Russia."

With the rise of now multiple bat-shit crazy Q-Anon supporters to the halls of Congress, it's worth noting that many Americans believe in various wild conspiracy theories - such as that Climate Change isn't real, that Epstein really didn't kill himself, or that either of the donor-owned ruling parties of the U.S. actually gives a shit about you.