NRA finally crushes gigantic threat to American freedom - by declaring bankruptcy

After decades of rigging America's political landscape, with the deadliest & most tragic consequences - all in the name of their corporate owners - the NRA has finally achieved its stated goal of defending American freedom. By going bust.

NRA finally crushes gigantic threat to American freedom - by declaring bankruptcy

The National Rifle Association has finally lived up to its mantra of defending US liberty & freedom, and enabling the silencing of the most dangerous and vile criminals who would do America harm - by declaring bankruptcy.

The news c0mes just months after the state of New York launched a large-scale anti-corruption investigation into the NRA, with aims of dissolving the organisation. The gun-manufacturer-controlled lobbying group, that for decades has wielded a behemoth of political power over American life, filed the motion under the "I'm a scared lil bitch" clause of the chapter 11 bankruptcy framework.

One would think a group that has spent millions of dollars and spilled the blood of countless innocent in trying to convince America that you're a pussy and an idiot if you don't stand up and take means to 'defend yourself', would do just that. But, instead, they intend to run away & reincorporate elsewhere in the country, outside of the jurisdiction of NYS. And, after being rejected for their extremist political views from an office complex in the lands of Mordor, the group plans to relocate to the place where they filed their cry-baby motion for protection. There, they hope to skirt their responsibilities and be wrapped in the precious blankey of big government - over in that well known snowflake state of Texas. Once back on their feet/clawed-hooves, they say they plan to focus on growth - this being an opportune time for viruses growth, after all.

Retaliatory press statements and cries of wrongful persecution, intended as some sort of self-defense measure, amounted to nothing much more than a pea shooter when going up against the .44 legal canon the State Attorney General's office whipped out, with its dozens of silver bullets of anti-fraud legislation.

One would also have thought that this decades-old ammo-sexuals anonymous would have had the funds to fight off such a probe, what with all the relentless reams of cash it's been seen to be stuffing in its pants, over the years. But, alas, just like the group's most gun-toting, open-carrying, your-child's-safety-don't-matter-thinkin members - it turns out their pants were decidedly empty.

The news, however, also lead to cries of thanks across America. With many telling the gun group how pivotal they'd been in helping everyone enjoy that oh-so cherished constitutional protection - the 1st amendment right of telling the NRA to go fuck itself.

At last, America might be taking a step toward pulling away the power of terror, anger and manipulation so shockingly & destructively wielded over the decades, from the group's cold, dead hands.