Man Down: Eric Swalwell (Who?) is first candidate to drop out of Democratic Primary | 2020

And then there were 24 - the 2020 Democratic Primary gets its first notable dropout, from this centrist candidate.

Man Down: Eric Swalwell (Who?) is first candidate to drop out of Democratic Primary | 2020

Honestly, Rep. Swalwell, congressman for California's 15th district, has actually earned himself some respect from me for dropping out.‌‌‌‌One would normally think that pulling the cord and calling it quits this early, and just two weeks after the first Democratic debates, would be an embarassing admission of defeat and lack of relevance.‌‌‌‌But actually, in a world and a primary field where politicians really are risking the fate of the entire globe for their own political careerism, it's great to see a candidate admit reality, do the honourable thing, and bow out now.‌‌‌‌Yes, indeed, Rep. Swalwell's lack of relevance on the national stage and to the zeitgeist of our era is why he's dropping out. But, there are plenty of other candidates who also have no chance of winning or of providing any positive contribution to the discussion, yet have a very real chance of damaging those candidates who could win, and who could contribute - candidates who have high name recognition, and lots of money; and they ain't dropping out for nothin'.

Swalwell's most, in fact only noticable blip on the stand-out-o-meter in this race was his, somewhat strange, challenge to Joe Biden in the Democratic Debate to "pass the torch".

Ironically, the news of him being the first candidate to drop out is likely to be the biggest headline he has had or would ever get in the race.

Other than that though, he did include as a key part of his platform a wish to get the a hold on America's rabid gun problem, and to protect the kids so we never see a Parkland or Newtown, again. ‌‌

The rest of his underwhelming and centristy platform though did nothing to wet anyone's appetite. ‌‌‌‌The representative wrote on his website that after the Democratic debates, his fundraising and poll numbers weren't what they hoped for, and that he no longer saw a path to the nomination.

Good for you, Rep. Swalwell for doing the right thing.

Now hurry up and follow suit, Beto O'Rourke, John Delaney, Gov. Hickenlooper, Sen. Klobuchar, Sen. Gillibrand, and plenty more....

Oh, and especially Joe Biden. ‌‌‌‌

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