MAN CHILD: Trump revenge-criticises Theresa May's handling of Brexit in wake of UK Ambassador Leaks

In true Trumpian, self-interested, completely embarassing fashion, Trump turns on one of his TOP allies, trying to get revenge on the British government for the entirely accurate critiques of him that have appeared in recent leaks.

MAN CHILD: Trump revenge-criticises Theresa May's handling of Brexit in wake of UK Ambassador Leaks

I recently reported about how a treasure trove of secret emails written by the British Ambassador to the 'States Sir Kim Darroch, containing highly critical and scathing critique of Trump and his administration, leaked big time.

Our government, much to their credit, has said that they will stick by the ambassador. However, the Trump administration, somewhat understandably to be fair but largely just in a fit of a big and totally unprofessional tantrum, have said they won't work with him.

However, in true Trumpian fashion, the president has upped his response on the matter, and has now sharply changed tact on his commentary on Brexit.

In tweets since the explosive story, and in a sulky and vengeful attempt to embarass the leader of America's closest ally, Trump said that he had "told" Theresa May how Brexit "should be done", but that she "decided to go  another way".

"What a mess she and her representatives have created."

I'm certainly no prude when it comes to intense critique of Brexit, of this government, and of one's handling of the other - but do it right, and do it for the right reasons. And at least try and seem convincing when you pretend you know what you're talking about.

To be fair, if anyone knows about epically poor management skills, it's Donald Trump.

As for his thoughts on the ambassador:

It is unlikely that the overall and lasting special relationship between the UK and the US will be damaged, unless of course Trump really decides to throw a tantrum, and makes some off-the-cuff decision that screws both our nations, like locking us out of security partnerships, or trying to scarper our post-EU ( :(  ) global relationships.

Either way, it's no surprise the thin skinned fool took to Twitter to tell tales and try and embarass people who criticised him, regardless of the actions his revenge may yet have.


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