Lonely, socially-isolated Valentine's Day a "refreshing taste of normality", say burned out Millennials

With these unprecedented and challenging times, a lonely, touch-starved, socially-distanced Valentine's Day, with bouts of feeling terrible & just wanting to throw up, is a refreshing blast of normality, from the dating scenes of the past.

Lonely, socially-isolated Valentine's Day a "refreshing taste of normality", say burned out Millennials

A lonely, socially-distanced, dateless Valentines Day will be "a refreshing taste of normality" during these unprecedented times, say burned out Millennials.

"The world has been so upside down & disorientating this past year, that I can barely remember my old life, and I'd give anything to feel some of it, again" wrote-in Sally, a drained reader. "With no physical contact in months, and everyone being repulsed by the idea of getting close to me, however, it just takes me right back :) Today, I woke up exhausted, afraid of social-interactions, hopeless, and just felt like I didn't dare go out without just completely covering up half my face - it was just like being on the dating scene, again."

"Dating during the pandemic, like before, is hard though, of course - you have to be vigilant," said Mike, another subscriber. "When they told me that one of the symptoms was a major lack of taste, I wondered if I had had corona the entire time I was with my last partner. When they went on to say you may also experience extended periods of nausea, exhaustion, giant pains in the arse, and feeling like you're just getting the life sucked out of you, I was convinced."

And, of course, with a disease that's spreading from person-to-person even faster than your cheating ex, dating-apps & virtual dating have seen a boom. "I've had a lot of experience with dating apps in the past, you see," said Jake, on Twitter "so everyone's turning to me for advice. Not for tips on getting dates, but for how to handle all the rejection. That's my area of specialty."

"You gotta be careful though - must be angler's season or something, with all the catfish out there. Last match I found had a pic that made him look like a cross between Enrique Iglesias and George Clooney. Turned out he looked like if Wish.com did bf's and crossed it with something from The Hills Have Eyes. Then he even turned out to have been a Mayor Pete supporter, in 2020 * shudders *"

"On the one hand, I've managed to avoid catching covid, which is really great, whilst everyone else sadly has been getting it. On the other, it really does throw me back to my dating days.... not even a deadly, greedy, super contagious virus wants me. At least with avoiding everyone though, I really have stayed healthy this year, and made sure to avoid catching this deadliest of diseases - feels."

If you or anyone you know are suffering from loneliness, isolation, or other mental-health issues during the pandemic (or, of course, in general), please do see the resources below (and know that there are many others out there), for tips on how to start feeling better #NoOneGetsLeftBehind

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