Kyle Rittenhouse: Police cite "the dude was white" clause of Constitution, in actually advising shooter to break bail conditions

Kyle Rittenhouse got to live what, for ammosexuals, is the American Wet Dream, by inflicting on others a slice of the American Nightmare. Then, he got a literal pat on the back from cops. Now, they've helped him again - in breaking the conditions of his bail.

Kyle Rittenhouse: Police cite "the dude was white" clause of Constitution, in actually advising shooter to break bail conditions

In the most outrageous display of racial injustice & a corrupt legal system in America in probably the last few days, police have admitted they actually advised Kyle Rittenhouse to defy the court and break the terms of his bail, rather than arrest him for doing so.

Mr Rittenhouse, famous for living out the dream of every gun-toting, Trump-voting, darn-tootin' US patriot made headlines last year, when he travelled to Kenosha Wisconsin to defend 'Murican freedom - by shooting dead two Black Lives Matter protestors, and wounding a third.

Mr Rittenhouse, 17 at the time of the crime, now 18, was eventually arrested, and is on bail, pending his trial. Bail that was set at $2 million, and that Mr Rittenhouse was only able to afford because the Trump-worshipping pseudo-cult that is the right-wing of America raised it for him in a national campaign. Like some sort of racist OnlyFans, where ammosexuals can practice their fantasies of playing with their rifle publicly, till they discharge a few rounds, with all the excitement.  

However, Mr Rittenhouse has since broken the conditions of his bail, by failing to disclose his new address to the court in a public filing, when moving house.

The craziest thing indeed, however, is that the cops actually advised him to skip bail, and defy the orders of the court, rather than arrest him for it. Now, this publication does not believe that those accused should publicly disclose their addresses, for safety reasons. They may indeed have had those reasons in mind, at least in part, for helping him. But pissing on a powerline would present a less shocking duality, than cops helping a white shooter charged with killing two others & wounding a third being given aide and comfort by the cops, and minorities in America being maced, abused, and killed, simply for the heinous crime of 'existing'.

Racial discrimination (in the legal system & otherwise) is as American as apple pie, or lead in the drinking water. Even recently - when white nationalists, actual en masse terrorists, literally attempted a coup at the US capitol - despite the galantry and loss of life of several individual officers, systematic police & military resistance was minimal. Compare that to the peaceful BLM protests that happened in D.C. last summer, when the military deployed a whole platoon of dudes that looked like they were from Metal Gear Solid, onto the capitol steps. And umpteenbillion other examples.

Thankfully the judge in Mr Rittenhouse's case has issued a warrant for the suspect's re-arrest, after the system decided to give a white right-winger in America yet another chance.

Shame that a second chance, or even a first, is not something all those who've had their lives destroyed by police brutality will ever get.