ICYMI: Girlfriend of Brexit Party Leader Behind Ambassador Leaks

Wanna guess what the intentions were behind the writers of the Sir Kim Darroch story? Check with Polerium, and get a big ol' hint.

ICYMI: Girlfriend of Brexit Party Leader Behind Ambassador Leaks

In case you missed it, it was the journalist Isabel Oakeshott, girlfriend of the Brexiteer businessman and now Brexit Party MEP for East England Richard Tice, who was behind the leaks of the Sir Kim Darroch emails.

Ms Oakeshott claims the emails came to her via a secret source, and from there she organised their release via story.

Ms Oakeshott, as well as being the girlfriend of the prominent Brexiteer, is also the de facto communications official for Aaron Banks, the Nigel Farage big-donor.

Soon after the leak, Mr Tice and the Brexit Party again called for Darroch to be replaced with a pro-business Brexiteer who would see to a quick trade deal with the US. A deal that undoubtedly, whether the Brexiteers will admit it or not, will absolutely favour US big-business and corrupting corporations, as well as thus the corrupt politicians who put the deal together - e.g. team Trump.

And now that Mr Darroch has resigned, the Brexiters are repeating that call.

According to a family friend of Mr Tice, the idea of replacing Sir Kim, filling those shoes of a big-business friendly Brexiteer "never crossed his mind". But even if you (naively) were to take her at her word, the Brexiteers' foulery on the matter doesn't stop there.

In fact, the Leave.EU machine has bolstered its campaign to put, wait for it, Nigel Farage himself as our ambassador to the US. A revolting idea.

So, damaging emails were leaked by the girlfriend journalist of a major Brexiteer, who, along with his party, has long been calling for the British ambassador to the US to be replaced by a pro-mega corporate, pro-toxic trade deal negotiator. Then, that ambassador was practically fired by the careerist, heartless, corrupt Brexiteer in Chief Boris Johnson, when he refused to back Darroch against Trump in the Tory leadership debate. And now the Brexit backers want Nigel Farage to be put in as the replacement.

Can we please stop letting these savage lunatics stealing the reigns of the country whilst holding its passangers at gun point.

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