Dancing on people's graves to be renamed "Doing the Kyrsten Sinema"

As America continues to be ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic, the deadly plague of super-rich serving, centrist/right-wing Democrats has said "hold my beer", and dealt a crushing blow to the hopes of workers escaping literal starvation wages.

Dancing on people's graves to be renamed "Doing the Kyrsten Sinema"

Dancing on people's graves is to be renamed "Doing the Kyrsten Sinema", after the Democratic senator from Arizona appeared to do a gleeful almost-dance, when voting no on a vote to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Tormented onlookers (who were tormented both from witnessing the heartless, disgraceful nays, and from spending their entire lives crushed underneath a corrupt capitalist system, for starvation wages) described it as one of the "worst moves in years". Both in terms of the impact of the vote, and because the physical glee-infested manoeuvre itself made people gawk more than when Sean Spicer shook his money maker on Dancing With The Fascists, or when Karl Rove caused a bumper year for the frontal lobotomy business, after he danced to his own 'rap lyrics' in front of terrified audiences on TV, during the 2007 Radio and Television Correspondents' Association annual dinner.

Aides of the senator, however, issued a powerful rebuke, stating that it was not any kind of enthused dance-step, but rather a type of curtsey-inflection, used to summon the ghost of Ronald Reagan to posses you, granting you unmatched worker-crushing powers, like some sort of ALEC-powered Palpatine force ghost.

Of course, there were a cadre of other Democratic turncoat senators who voted no, a whole Village People of corporate-controlled GOP simps, that deserve equal giant amounts of shame & public scorn. A police line-up of perps with an ever-growing history of grand, grand, grand, grand larceny against the American people, who firmly believe that $15 per hour to do all the many types of essential work for US is too much for you, but that $85 per hour is a perfectly fine amount for them to come together, to crush your hopes & dreams.