Chairman Sanders to unveil new Senate office artwork

Just days after becoming both the all-powerful socialist head of the senate budget committee/mittened-meme-master of the Internet, Chairman Sanders debuts his artwork & agenda, for his new role.

Chairman Sanders to unveil new Senate office artwork

With the ousting of Donald Trump and the Democrats taking over the Senate on Wednesday, the era of godless, luxury, fully automated gay-space communism that the mainstream media has screamed about for an age, is finally upon us.

And though the media, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Neera Tanden, Neera Tanden & Neera Tanden warned us against the horrors that would unfold should we give America's Socialist - Senator Bernie Sanders - even a shadow of power, the worst, in fact, has happened. With the Democrats taking control of the Senate, Bernie is now the ranking member and chair of the powerful senate budget committee!

America, behold your new dystopian socialist chairman overlord:

Artist Unknown - reach out to us via our Facebook page if you know who it is! :)

And indeed, with Chairman Sanders now atop his lofty position, we can only hope that the memories of Americans' are rich with the warning sirens and emergency messages, that for years have long been flooding out across all major media outlets, on the list of the Chairman's villainous, anti-American, potential socialist plots. Such as:

  • Healthcare for All as a human right
  • Raising the minimum wage to a living wage
  • Ending systematic sexism, racism, and ableness-related discrimination
  • Ending child poverty
  • Combating Climate Change whilst providing millions of Americans with a well-paying, secure job through a Green New Deal infrastructure bill.
  • Giving every other American a guaranteed, well-payed government job, should they need one.
  • Ending US imperialism
  • Ending homelessness by providing housing for all as a human right
  • Banning corruption from the political system by switching to publicly funded elections via a constitutional amendment

And there's far, far more - but I'm sorry, I just can't go on. The worry about what fresh hell an all-powerful yet somehow unelectable Chairman Sanders could do to the world is too scary/stupid a thought to think about.

Like his monstrous predecessors before him who ruled with iron first of the despot, multiple studies have shown what would happen if Bernie were able to implement just a fraction of his plans, via the woollen fist of the mitten:

  • Unemployment would reach, at minimum 6.7%, with a drastically unbalanced employment-rate difference among gender & racial lines.
  • The minimum wage would remain stagnant for over a decade, and would be practically stagnant for 40 years, all whilst US worker productivity was soaring.
  • At least 34 million Americans would be in abject poverty.
  • A staggering 63% of Americans wouldn't have enough savings to cover a simple $500 dollar emergency.
  • Entire generations would be drowning in trillions of dollars in medical & student debt.
  • Hundreds of thousands would die from lapse government effort, corruption, greed in the event of a national disaster, and from a complete lack of an affordable healthcare system.

Oh wait. That's America, right now.

Indeed, it was once again older-voters that dominated in the last Democratic primary, and who thankfully kept the socialist Senator Sanders and his grubby lefty mitts, away from anywhere where he could use his socialist agenda to affect their lives, and their beloved government programs. Programs like: Social Security, Medicare For All and the Post Office.

Indeed, it's not just Chairman Sanders that has been accused of being a 'radical leftist' over the years, by the US media, in its various forms. Though it'd be more appropriate coming from a comedy channel, or an acid trip, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and on-and-on are apparently the heralds of Marxist-Leninist strategy & and discussion,  according to various US big-hitter 'news-outlets'. In reality, legacies of those decidedly Reagan-esque figures have ranged from nil to completely, world-alteringly disastrous.

At the end of the day, outside of a True-Q believer with a catheter of Kool-Aid wedged into his veins, you're gonna be called a radical-leftist in American politics no matter who you are. So - you might as well just be one.