The US government shutdown has put 800,000 workers in furlough for nearly 4 weeks. People are suffering, and others are getting scared. They’re right to be. With 78% of federal workers living paycheck to paycheck, this mammoth break in worker pay is devastating. People are rationing their medicine, or going without entirely. They’re having to sell their possessions to make ends meet. Most are still falling behind.

Cardi B this week put out a video on her instagram criticising the shutdown, and calling for citizen action to reactivate the government’s gears: “Bitch, I’m scared” sums it up well. “This shit is really fucking serious, bro. This shit is crazy.” and it is. “I feel like we gotta take some action. I don’t know what typa action, cause this is not what I do… I really feel bad for these people that’ve gotta go to fucking work to not get motherfucking paid.”

TSA workers are blasting out uncensored rap music in airports, air traffic controllers are leaking how dangerous it is for flyers that they’re working under skelton conditions, and people are risking eviction, hunger, and death from lack of medicine. All because Trump demands his border wall funding, as red meat to the right wing pundits that make him scared down to his bone spurs.