BREAKING: Bernie TODAY Will Announce His 2020 Presidential Run, Says Insider 🔥

DETAILS INSIDE: It’s. Happening. This is the latest news from the frontlines of progressivism - Bernie Sanders is expected to announce his run for president in 2020 - TODAY!

BREAKING: Bernie TODAY Will Announce His 2020 Presidential Run, Says Insider 🔥

It’s. Happening. This is the latest news from the frontlines of progressivism - Bernie Sanders is expected to announce his run for president in 2020 - TODAY!

An insider within Team Bernie spoke to New Hampshire ABC affiliate WMU, and said Sen. Sanders is going to announce his entry into the race in an email to his several million supporters today. That’s Tuesday 19th of February, 2019.

He also is going on CBS this morning for what they teased as a ‘revealing interview’, at 7am EST - that means 6am Central, 5am Pacific, 1am in Hawaii time, and 12:00 midday, here in the UK. We don’t know what he’ll talk about, but if he does announce in this email, he’ll likely be discussing his run.

Mark it down, because this American election, for various reasons, really is the most important we’ve ever had. And the world is counting on a strong progressive like Bernie to win. His has been the most hotly anticipated announcement of the entire race. is your home for Bernie and progressive news in this race - like us on and follow us on Twitter @Polerium for the latest stories and best analysis in the 2020 race.

Including insight from Bernie's brother and politician in the UK, Larry Sanders


That excitement is expected to turn into quite the mobilising force for the Vermont senator. During the 2016 primary, Bernie of course raised about $218 million - an enormous amount - and without a SINGLE dime of corporate, super rich, or Super-PAC money. Instead, Bernie’s campaign was entirely people powered - he smashed the all time record for the most individual contributions to a campaign, with over 8.1 million donations, from 2.8 million different people. The average contribution just $27.

That massive mailer list and astronomical enthusiasm has been coveted by the Democratic Party, the same party that rigged the race against him and has try to thwart him at every turn, ever since. They’ve been trying to get Bernie to hand over his mailer list to them to fundraise - but rightly, Bernie’s not shared his list to those who don’t share the progressive platform of those voters. Now, this email will go out to an extremely energised base of 2.8 million. It’s going to be a big launch.

That enthusiasm could give Bernie the ability to generate enormous amounts of money very early on in the race, and all the way from then on. It will also, if he plays it right, give him legions of supporters who will go out en masse to knock on doors, bring in new voters to back his campaign, and generally spread the movement. That’s an enormous advantage, and with a crowded field and an establishment media that’s sure to back anyone but Bernie, his hugely popular platform and his millions of fans will be key to him winning.

Indeed, major groups like Organising for Bernie and Our Revolution have been running major events up and down America for months to lay the groundwork for Bernie's second run.

Further though, I’ve spoken before that Bernie has to do more than just ride the waves of his 2016 rise - as powerful as those waves still are. He needs to become more radical. Much more radical. And far more organised in deploying that radicalism.

Read about my analysis from before on this here, and check out my coming article on what Bernie needs to do to win. But basically Bernie had one big dream going into 2016 - that he would create a “Political Revolution” that would sweep the nation and inspire millions to transform American politics. One of the key things about this movement is that he wanted it to be self sustaining, as any good movement should be. That its members would become informed and excited enough to go on informing themselves, having enough knowledge and enthusiasm to hold politicians to account, to push the boundaries of the movement forward, and to grow it. For long after Bernie or any other politician left office.

That’s exactly what has happened in fact, and the youth and progressive base of America today has become hungry for a much more radical and urgent platform of change. Bernie is still the outright best to deliver this, no doubt, but he base want more now. And so they should. Other politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, though often excellent, haven’t been as progressive as Bernie in the past - but they’re catching up, fast.

They recognise that it’s a race to the left to win over this base and this primary.

Bernie has the capability to take bigger and bolder strides than anyone else - he must take them.But, if there’s one thing that we can count on Bernie to do, it’s the unconventional.

Let’s hope today’s the day. Let’s do this.

#FeelTheBern 🔥

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