Bernie Sanders SMASHES Fundraising Records With $4 MILL Raised in One Day - Tripling Kamala Harris’ Numbers

Bernie Sanders' announcement of his presidential campaign yesterday lit the progressive base on fire - and his supporters raised a TONNE of money, smashing records and besting all other candidates, to make their progressive dream happen.

Bernie Sanders SMASHES Fundraising Records With $4 MILL Raised in One Day - Tripling Kamala Harris’ Numbers

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders announced his campaign for the presidency in 2020. And he did it in true Bernie style - not with the biggest platform you can find, in the most primetime of news slots, but at 6am Vermont time on public radio, from Burlington. He wanted to make sure the people of Vermont, via a publicly provided service, were the first to know.

He then went on to talk to CBS at 7am, and other news agencies in the day. With an announcement structure seemingly on its head, you’d expect the whole thing to fall kinda flat on its face. But this is Bernie Sanders, and his fans - me included - are definitely Feeling The Bern.

A solid measure of how strong your campaign is going to be is how well you fundraise - the previous record for Day One fundraising was set a few weeks ago, by Sen. Kamala Harris, whose campaign raised $1.5 mill in the first 24 hrs with 38,000 individual donors, which itself broke Bernie’s first day announce from his 2016 campaign. A strong number to be sure, and it had the press raving about her campaign’s strength with such a large haul.

Let’s see how Bernie 2020 compared.

Upon announcement, the support base lit up immediately. Within 3.5 hours, the campaign reported raising over $1mill, from tens of thousands of donors, according to Bernie's HQ. Then it was $3.3 mill in 10 hours. By the last reported figures of the day - and the day was not even over by then - Team Bernie had pulled in over $4 mill, from nearly 150,000 individual contributors. An absolutely enormous amount for any day in the race, let alone the first. That's trippling both Kamala Harris' first day amount, as well as the number of individual donors.

And what was the average contribution, by the way? Of course - $27 😉

In fact, Bernie's first day fundraising was more than all other announced candidates' first day fund combined.

So, Bernie’s campaign is showing expected signs of strength, but of course there is room for much improvement. The fact that $500,000 of yesterday’s pledged money was done so as the first in monthly stream is good.

But it could, and needs to be, a lot better.

Check out my coming articles to find out how Bernie and his supporters can make that happen.

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