Beginning Of The End - Joe Biden Looses his first Big Donor after Recent Mistakes | More Expected to Follow

Joe Biden has lost his first mega donor. In my opinion, it's the beginning of the end. Find out the analysis at Polerium.

Beginning Of The End - Joe Biden Looses his first Big Donor after Recent Mistakes | More Expected to Follow

This is it. I've recently reported that the second Democratic debate, in which Joe Biden floundered on his own, was clobbered by others, and came out as clearly the biggest loser of the whole two days' debateathon, and the recent major mistakes Biden made leading up to the debates, was the official beginning of the end for Biden 2020.

Biden has two pillars to his campaign - firstly, that much of the base, thanks to the consistant yet objectively false propoganda of the mainstream media and party establishment, believes a centrist is the best, the only way to guarantee Trump's defeat.

Secondly, Biden's support in the African-American community - which comes from his association with Obama, and the totally mistaken belief that Biden was picked for his appeal with and championing of the black community. When in reality Obama picked him because of his support and connections amongst white conservatives.

No one wants Biden to be president because they actually want him to be president. I have stated that if holes are punched in those two sectors above, Biden's campaign will go down.

Well, it's begun. After Biden's poor 7 days in politics last week in which, among other mistakes, he once again defended his work with and praise of avowed segregationists, and also due to his flip-flopping on the Hyde Amendment, Joe Biden has lost his first mega-donor.

Tom McInerney, a billionaire and now former Biden backer informed the campaign last week that he no longer will be supporting the Vice President.

"I had actually let the campaign known I'd pulled back my support of Biden for now," McInerney said today to CNBC. Further he said "I don't think he did well last night," referring to his poor performance last night in the debate.

And as much of a blow the loss of this donor is for Biden on its own, it's actually a major portend for a furture cascading set of failures and drop outs for the Biden machine. "I would imagine I'm not alone," McInerney said. And McInerney should know - the well known San Francisco billionaire lawyer was a top bundler for Obama in '08.

A bundler is someone who coordinates and secures the gathering of donations from several rich people and corporations, effectively 'bundling them together' into one bag for the candidate.

Thus, McInerney is someone who should well know what makes mega-donors tick, and what makes them grimace.

For Biden and the other establishment candidates, these donors are the life blood of their campaign architecture, and the loss of several of them represents a major arterial breach. If this spreads, it'll be a major logistical problem for his campaign.

Don't underestimate how bad this news is for Biden -it goes way beyond the absolutely necessary set of funds needed to keep a campaign going. It's worse than that, if you can imagine worse. If indeed this drop out of donors does spread, it will be a major, major, probably fatal wound to his image of being unbeatable, of being a Trump-crushing winner. If that happens, then that is it. It's over. There is no more Joe Biden 2020.

So, in my opinion, we're very likely looking at the beginning of the end for Joe Biden - the portends being the news of this donor, his recent horrible mistakes, and his terrible debate performance. If McInerney is correct in that other big donors will pull their support, we definitely are.

Let's just hope another establishment candidate doesn't take his place, which unfortunately at this point in the race, is looking likely to happen.

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